Quick Tips on how to secure yourself while remote working

Home Router Change your default router password – most people forget that the password on routers are generic and are same on all devices Change the Wi-Fi password on a regular basis – keep your passwords on routers complete. Keep router firmware up to date. Disable Remote Access, UPnP, and WPS Update programs and operating…
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Data Retention & Security

-a MUST HAVE control Kavita Sharma DXM Consulting Data loss can have a colossal impact on your business. With non-encrypted data and routine back-up procedures, there is a high risk that your organization will never have a chance to recover from data exploitation, such as ransomware. Data is invaluable when it comes to an organization.…
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DXM and Security: Making Cybersecurity Affordable

By Kavita Sharma  DXM Security  In today’s digital era, security has become the primary concern for all, businesses and individuals. As communications and integrations become digital, accessing the data needs to be convenient, but the cost of convenience is raising exponentially.  Security is essentially focused on 3 components: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Depending upon the…
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