DXM and Security: Making Cybersecurity Affordable

By Kavita Sharma 

DXM Security 

In today’s digital era, security has become the primary concern for all, businesses and individuals. As communications and integrations become digital, accessing the data needs to be convenient, but the cost of convenience is raising exponentially.  Security is essentially focused on 3 components: confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Depending upon the environment, one of these principles might be more important than the others, but it should never be compromised. 

There are various companies available in the market that provides data security at high rates, but DXM consulting offers paramount cybersecurity services at an affordable price for your enterprise without any comprise.  You can trust us for your data security. Our team will work closely to define your enterprise’s security goals, and will be continuously working to improve the security standards. Our team has decades of experience in cybersecurity and will help you to make informed risk mitigation decisions to achieve your enterprise security goals. 

We at DXM understand the ramifications of a data/security breach and the cost of corrective security controls. The value of security is the same whether you are a large organization or a small business, we provide the ultimate level of protection at your budget, for your business continuity.

From the outset, DXM will focus on the following: 

 1. Detecting and Managing Threats

We continuously analyse your data to detect all types of threats that try to enter your system by injecting malicious code into your system. We discover the root cause of the danger so that an effective solution can be implemented to avoid such threats in the future.

 2. Cloud Security

We provide real-time protection by detecting all the risks and the threats by analysing the network. We also offer cloud application and infrastructure security services that enable us to design, develop and implement the secure cloud applications.

  3. Endpoint threat detection

We carefully analyse all the endpoint threats and if detected, then immediately look for solutions to resolve it. We investigate any unusual suspicious patterns and behaviour. Our team then looks at the priority level of the alerts and notifies you and guides you to take the appropriate actions.

 4. Cyber Analytics

Through analytics, we analyse the user data as well as the network for various threats. This allows us to understand the root cause of the risks that should be prevented so that it doesn’t occur in the future. We will share our analysis with you so that you are aware of the threats that are occurring through any user activity.

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